Compile to .DOC gives .RTF

No matter the version, when “Compile to Word .DOC” is selected, my documents format to .RTF instead. I have to open the document and save as .DOC to get the correct format. It drives me crazy when I try to open up In Dropbox on my Tablet and it fails unless I first convert the document to .DOC. Is this a Scrivener Windows anomaly?

Thanks for the report. I’m looking in to this and confirm that it is difficult to get the RTF generator disabled. I had thought that having Word or OpenOffice installed was enough, in conjunction with the relevant setting in the Import/Export option pane, but that doesn’t seem to be impacting the compile result.

A little background on why it works the way it does: most people word processors can read RTF, and most will accept an RTF file that has .doc on the end of it. This is a commonly accepted trick and is useful when sharing files with parties that do not know that an RTF file is just as good as a DOC file in Word (at least for 99% of the things most people need to do, and certainly everything Scrivener supports). So that is why you have RTF data in a .doc file.

The main time this causes problems is for word processors that cannot read RTF, or haven’t been programmed with this trick in mind. Simplified mobile word processors often fit into this category for performance reasons. The just support one or two formats and that is it, so a genuine .doc binary file is required, not an RTF file masquarading as one.

Anyway, like I say I’m checking to see if there is a bug here in the official way to get a binary .doc file, or if there is another route I’m not aware of.

Thanks for your response. I’ve been hoping all this time that there would be a fix. So far, not. (Sigh!) :unamused: I’ll live with it. Scrivener provides so many more important things that work quite well for me. :slight_smile:

No, unfortunately there’s not currently a way around this with the converters we have available. It may be something we’re able to revisit for the 2.0 upgrade.