Compile to .docx gives empty file

I’m a relatively new user and have just finished writing a short book in Scrivener for the first time. Now I need to export to Word. I have read about how to do this and watched the official video, but when I compile, I get a one-page document that is blank except for the header and page number on page 1. I am on Yosemite (10.10.5). I did select the book title in the list on the left, which I thought would give the full book. When I look at the list of sections to include, all the boxes are checked. I must be doing something very obviously wrong, but what?? Thanks for any help!!

Within the Contents compile option pane, do you see all of the sections of your book that you intend to export, in this list? If not, cancel out of Compile and make sure that everything is indented correctly beneath the main Draft folder. This is like putting stuff in a folder in Finder—you have to put the song in the Music folder, if it is outside of it that, then music players looking in the Music folder won’t find it. Same thing here, Compile looks in the Draft folder for stuff to compile.

“Within the Contents compile option pane, do you see all of the sections of your book that you intend to export, in this list?” Yes, I see them listed and the boxes under Include are all checked. And it says Compile: Included documents underneath. I even tried Compile: All and still got an empty document. I am stumped here! Thanks in advance for any more help!

Okay, let’s see if it is a problem with the Word converters. When you compile to Word, Scrivener creates an RTF file and then passes that along to a third-party converter to make the .doc/x file. So choosing RTF as your format skips that whole extra process and gives you a more accurate picture of what Scrivener itself is doing. In fact if that works, RTF may be all you need for now. That is Microsoft’s official format for working between Word and other programs, and it is the native format for Scrivener, making it the all around best format to use between these two programs.

If RTF works we can try to figure out what is wrong with the converter, but there is no sense in doing that until we’ve ruled out compile settings.

I tried compiling to .rtf and got an empty document again. One page, with a header, and the page number 1.

In the Compile -> Formatting pane, what boxes have you checked?

The Formatting pane also highlights the included documents by outline level, which can be useful to see which options apply to which files.


You found the problem!! On the formatting page, I had only checked the Text boxes. When I also checked the Title boxes, and THEN did the compile, all my text appeared! Apparently I had typed my entire book in the form of Titles!! Sounds dumb maybe, but I just launched into using the program without reading the manual or watching any videos, so I did not realize I was typing Titles instead of Text!

Thank you so much for helping!!!