Compile to .docx removes tab at start of footnote

Hi all,
I have been using scrivener for a while without issues in compiling. In my current project I need all footnotes to begin with a ‘tab’, and so I have started each footnote in scrivener with a tab. However, when compiling to .docx all these tabs disappear. In MS word the footnote looks as though the tab was never there. I am hoping to avoid having to go through my entire word document to add a tab to each footnote manually.
Any suggestions as to how to set up the compilation so that the footnote includes the tab it has in scrivener?

I can confirm this. I am seeing the same thing. Seems like the content of the footnote should not be changed no matter what one puts in it!

Here is a work-around that might work for you, if you are not using tabs anywhere else in your draft. You can specify a Replacement (in the Replacements tab on the right side of the Compile dialog) that replaces tab character (type option-tab to get tab char into the replace field) with something else (like @). Then when you get your compiled output in Word, search and replace @ with tab (^t).

I used to start footnotes with a Tab, but as I use Nisus Writer Pro, I compile to RTF which preserves it. Now I sort a lot of such things out in NWP using macros.

However, you could try compiling to RTF but setting it to open in Word.



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I tried compiling to RTF and the leading tab was still swallowed. But if it works for you, maybe it will work for the OP likewise! (I am trialing on MacOS.)