Compile to .docx with Courier is justified, not ragged right

If I compile my short story to .docx using Short story (Courier) it comes out justified, not ragged-right. Looking at the paragraph styles in the .docx file, it looks like they’re set to left-justified, and I’ve done character counts to verify they’re different on different lines, so it seems like this is something about how compile works and not a Word setting.
If I use Short story (Times) it comes out ragged-right correctly, but the market I’m aiming for wants Courier.

In any Compile format, this is the dialog where you can change orientation to left, center, right, or justified (if the override box is checked).

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Thanks! I found that dialog, and it was set to ragged right already.
I think it may be a display quirk in Word. The exported file opened in “compatibility mode” and that might have something to do with it. I did a save-as in Word, which popped a dialog box about upgrading to a newer format, and the re-saved file displays correctly.