Compile to eBook and cover pages

Hi, grateful for some help please. Have been using Scrivener for some months now - really like it - but have hit a problem when trying to compile an eBook.

When I try to compile, I want to include one of the document images as a cover page. However, it won’t let me select anything from the drop down. I’ve got files in the doc that are both ‘inserted’ and ‘linked’, but nothing shows up.

What am I doing wrong??

Many thanks,


Make sure the cover graphics are actually loaded into the Binder, not merely embedded in a text file, linked, or dropped into a Reference table. If the image in question has a paper icon, then it’s actually in a text file—it needs to have a little “photo” icon, similar to iPhoto’s application icon (or the older one anyway).

Hi, many thanks for reply, will give it a go in the morning - time to do anything seems a bit fragmented right now! Best wishes, S