Compile to ePub Errors

Recently compiled a work to ePub and ePub Checker flags a lot of errors.

It’s not a compile issue, more something wrong within the work.

The errors flagged are all

  • . They occur only when I’ve typed a list with a return, a number (referring to numbers within an image) then description of the item. This occurs at varying points in the list of numbers, no consistency.

    Looking at the HTML, there is a blank line then

  • and the item description
  • The number is missing. In the compiled document there is a bold dot, as if a dot list style has been applied. Deleting the offending line in Scrivener and re-entering etc doesn’t’t fix it.

    Any thoughts. I’m editing them all out in the ePub but would rather correct whatever the issue is in the project.

    Just found a couple that occurred mid line where I’d entered a number followed by a period.

    Further to this. Occurs on a new blank page, Occurs on a blank page in a blank project.

    Big Sur 11.1, M1 MBA. Scrivener 3.22

    Plot thickens. Happens with ePub or .mobi. Works as expected with .Doc.

    I have resolved! If you have list as above and the 1. etc is in bold and followed by bold text, the space between the 1. and the bold text must be NON BOLD.