Compile to Final Draft makes everything uppercase


I upgraded to 2.7 the other day and now, when I export to Final Draft, the dialogue in my screenplay is all uppercase. It was behaving normally before I updated Scrivener. I’d be grateful if anyone could help.



(I had a look to see if anyone had posted this already but I couldn’t see anything. )

I’ve tried playing about with settings, to no avail.

This is the Final Draft document compiled in Scrivener 2.6:


This is the same, compiled as a FD doc in 2.7:

Screenshot 3.jpg

This is the document with the box “Use default Final Draft screen elements” ticked:

Screenshot 2.jpg

I don’t know if that’s any help? I’d love to find out how to solve this.

I am not sure I can help you, as I do not use Final Draft. But I have a few questions.

To start with, what format are you writing in? Neither your Final Draft or your Scrivener screenshot looks anything like a screenplay.

This is how Scrivener in script mode looks at my computer:

If I compile it as an FD doc and open it in Highland it looks like this:

It’s now a Fountain document. If I export this as FDX and open it in Scrivener, it looks like this:

As I said. I can’t open or create an FDX document in Final Draft. But except for that, it seems to me as if Scrivener is OK with compiling and opening FDX documents without messing them up. Perhaps your problems has to do with you using some unconventional script format?


Thanks, Mats. I should have said that I’m writing in UK Stage Play mode. That’s what I’m writing with in Scrivener and Final Draft has a option to support that.

This is something that was previously working; I exported the doc from Scrivener and opened it in Final Draft and all was hunky-dory. Doing the same in 2.7, though, makes all the dialogue uppercase.

Thanks, that looks like an unintended consequence of this fix:

That was causing text to ignore the underlying element settings, but the problem here is that overriding the underlying element settings is precisely what we need to do. Since the UK stage play format has this strange compound paragraph with all-caps for the character name and dialogue for the rest, the dialogue was having the element’s all-caps request overridden by the empty (Style=“”) request. Without that, it is just all-caps.

I’ve added it to the list. Meanwhile you can sort of fix this with the following steps in Final Draft:

  1. Open the UK Stage Play script .fdx.
  2. Open the Format/Elements… (Cmd-E) palette.
  3. Click on “Character & Dialogue” in the left list, then select the “Font” tab.
  4. Click the Set Font… button and disable the checkbox for “All Caps”. OK out of the palette.

Owing to how Scrivener uses real all caps where needed (such as the character name), the result should be fine for printing.

Wonderful! Thank you!