Compile to Folder with Umlaut

Compiling and saving a file to a subfolder of a folder with an umlaut in its name works, but also creates an unneccessary copy without the umlaut.

My Scrivener project is saved at
… > Töne > Project123 > project123.scriv

When compiling to .doc the resulting file is properly saved at
… > Töne > Project123 > project123.doc

BUT: A second path is being created:
… > To??ne > Project123 > project123.doc

I found the following entry in
Scrivener[28885]: *** Failed to create file using Java Aspose converters; falling back on standard NSText exporters.


This is a known issue with the current version of Scrivener. There are several ways you can get around the problem, described on that page.