Compile to include Notes

Since the upgate to Scrivener 3 the option to include Notes has gone and I’ve had to create a New Format Compile to do this but no matter which boxes I tick and despite the preview looking correct, the Section Layout shows ‘As-Is’ Include only the main text, based on its appearance in the editor. I’m obviously doing something wrong but I’m clearly not seeing it.
Any help would be gratefully received.
Many thanks
Mary Ann


So long as you have selected “notes” to be included for the appropriate section type, they should compile.

Attached is a sample Scrivener project with a single page and one note. You can see from the settings that the “text section” for the relevant file level has got “notes” selected, and you can see from the compiled PDF that the notes are included as wanted. I hope this sample file will help you to work out what you need to do for your own project.

Best. (696 KB)

Hi, Mary Ann.

I promise you that everything is there, but Compile in particular was completely redesigned, and we old hands can have a hard time of it (it took me a week to learn the new Compile. If you’re under a deadline, I feel for you.) L&L assure us that their tech support load from new users has dropped dramatically, so it’s a good thing. It’s actually simpler once I understood it, but it took a while

For us who spent years learning the old compile, here’s an L&L blog post with a link to a special tutorial project to straighten our brains :wink: :

For immediate needs, have you assigned each of the section types in your draft to a section layout in your new compile format? If you haven’t, that’s your next step. The section layouts won’t affect anything if it isn’t connected to a section type in your draft.