Compile to Kindle broken (after upgrade to Catalina)

After updating, export to Kindle doesn’t work anymore. I get an error msg: “Kindle document creation failed. KindleGen failed to generate a .mobi file at the expected location.” I tried to reinstall the kindle app, but nothing seems to work. If I export to pdf and then upload to the standalone kindle app, which works, but the formatting is all wrong. Can I not compile directly to Kindle using the compile settings as before?

I searched the forum for ‘kindlegen catalina’. These threads should help you out:

Apparently you need to install Kindle Previewer 3 instead. Kindlegen is older and doesn’t run on later versions of MacOS. I also had to restart Scrivener after installing Kindle Previewer, and then compiling a .mobi file worked for me.

I am on Sierra and I can no longer get Kindle Previewer / Generator to work either. I have tried installing it but to no avail. I have closed and reopened Scrivener. Doesn’t help. It used to be so easy to compile to a mobi file but now it says Kindle Gen Not Installed. Please someone help me! I have just finished my manuscript and really need to send it to agent and editor as a kindle. PDF does not read properly on kindle Help!

What version of Scrivener do you have? – Katherine

Thanks for your reply. Scrivener 2.9. Is that very old? I wouldn’t have thought so as I only got this MacBook air last year

Thanks for asking that question about which version am I using. I updated to Scrivener 3 and it seems to be working now! Although I’m feeling a bit flummoxed by all the new settings and my own personal customised settings seem to have vanished, which I took years to build. The new look 3 is weird but I guess I will just have to get used to it. Sigh.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking a look at our upgrade guide for Scrivener 2 users. It’s a good overview of Scrivener 3’s changes. You can find it here: … date-guide

FYI, Scrivener 3 fixed the problem because the code that allows Scrivener to use Kindle Previewer instead of KindleGen was only added recently.


Thanks Katherine
It really helps to know that it was because of Kindle Gen changes that you made these changes.
I have the Guide because it was sent to me earlier but Im finding the reading of it a bit overwhelming. I will get there. It all just came as a great shock that’s all and I wish I’d known a week ago before the agent set the deadline to today