Compile to Mobi (Kindle) formating incorrectly

Can someone please look into the compile to mobi Kindle format? It is not formatting correctly, ie. titles don’t show up, page break occuring for every document whethere specified or not, line spacing does not work, etc. The mobi format is vitally important as writers try to publish before the holidays. I am using version 46… Can someone please verify that kindle formatting is working as needed? Thank you so much.

Anyone experiencing this?

I’ve already filed the issue with all separators coming out as page (section) breaks. I’d have to check what’s on the list re: titles–can you explain specifically what you’re getting for this when you say “titles don’t show up”? That is, how have you set things up in compile, where aren’t the titles showing, etc.

Even though on the formatting tab of the compile screen the title checkbox is checked for all levels, when it compiles to mobi, the folder and document titles do you appear on the output… They do show up as part of table of contents, but not on the pages themselves… They show up fine when compiling to pdf but not mobi.

I’m still seeing these problems as well.

This is getting fixed this week for 1.0.