Compile to mobi with cover or not - for KDP


Finally ready to submit my book to KDP. But I am confused about one thing. I’ve read that you are supposed to omit your cover page when you create the mobi file for KDP. That you submit the cover separate during the submission process. Otherwise, supposedly, if you include the cover in the mobi file, your book ends up with two covers (both at the front of the book).

Does anyone know if this is true? If so, then I can just not select the “include cover” option during the compile.

I note that if I do include the cover in the compile for the mobi, the book looks just fine in the Kindle Preview app, in the Kindle for PC app, and on my Voyage (if I side load the book).

Thanks for any input. If no one knows, I’ll just contact KDP support and see what they have to say. I checked their “help” pages and it is not mentioned in the mobi section.

Also, awesome program and eagerly waiting on the iOS version (but no rush : )




I’m not expert on these matters, but this sounds like advice that has been passed along via a digital game of telephone for a while. Some books for Kindle do have two cover pages, but that is a result of publishers wanting to have a book that opens on the cover page, something that is not ordinarily possible. To do so, they insert the cover as a file, it’s own section like the title page, in the content—as well as the main cover. Now, the Kindle itself will display the dedicated cover as a pseudo-page that you can flip to on the device, so these books end up with two cover graphics one after the other.

It is not possible to end up with two real cover graphics, because that is a specific setting in the Mobi file pointing to a particular graphic file. You couldn’t have two of them any more than you can have two titles.

Where I am less sure of things is why KDP asks for a cover image along with the .mobi file. Maybe their form is simple and doesn’t take into account what type of file the user is uploading? I’m sure the vast majority of people using KDP are uploading .docx files, where you would need to stipulate a cover separately. The form could just be accommodating those people, and maybe overwriting the Mobi’s internal cover if you provide one? For all I know the part where you upload a graphic in KDP is meant for the main store image, used as well for .docx files, but otherwise ignored for .mobi. I’m not sure.

Yeah, that’s because we use the cover setting from Compile to set things up properly inside the Mobi for it to be an official cover image. It’s the “right” way to do things… whether or not the KDP uploader respects that is another matter, but I’m guessing it does given how few reports of failures we have. Most of the reports I see where cover images aren’t working properly are either not related to the KDP at all (loading your own books can cause caching issues and some devices won’t show thumbnails for these books) or there were some esoteric issues with the image format (CMYK format for print, instead of RGB for screen, etc.).


That makes a lot of sense. Appreciate you taking the time to answer.

When I do it (next week or so), I’ll report back.