Compile to PDF in Script Mode issue: strange characters appearing in PDF


I have compiled a scene in Script Mode to PDF. Standard settings. Some text is replaced by funny characters. See example PDF. Although the text is German some parts are to be recognised not to be proper language.

Problem occured:
when transforming an already written text file into script mode and attributing Scipt Styles (Scene Heading, etc.)

Work around:
The export to Word .docx works perfectly. Therefore a final export to PDF via MS WORD is working!
Szene 2.pdf (22 KB)

Previous users reported this being related to the used text font.
Since few versions, Scrivener ships with a new Courier Prime font which supports Cyrillic characters. For some reason it might interfere or cause issues when you have Courier Prime installed on your system, and some characters are not supported. Try to remove the “Courier Prime” font from the Scrivener folder or from your Windows Fonts folder and test the results.