Compile to PDF Incomplete

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7
Scrivener 3.2.2
I have a project I compiled to PDF a couple of weeks ago. After editing, which included several new scenes, it should be about 10 pages longer, but the PDF generated by Scrivener stops at the number of pages in the previously compiled version. Compiling to Word produces the correct results.
I haven’t compiled to PDF format in about six months, but as far as I know, this never happened before.
I saw this problem posted for the Windows version, but see nothing here in the Mac forum. Is there something I’m missing?

Are you compiling to pdf and Word with the same compile format? (Ordinarily you should.)

Yes. In fact, I just verified that again by using the same compile format and only changing the output from DOCX to PDF.

Something I would try:

  1. Double-click your compile format to edit it.
  2. In the Text Layout section, disable widow and orphan protection.
  3. Click the Test... button and see if that had any effect. If not, you can just cancel the changes.

In some rare cases this has been known to mess up page layout a bit. Not quite to the extent of cutting it short, but it’s worth a try. If that does fix it, would this be something you could send to support so that we could take a look at it and try to fix the bug? It may be all we need is the area around where it stops printing, if that makes things easier for you.

That fixed it! Will send to support.

Great! Thanks for helping us find the bug.