Compile to pdf, modify fonts

Hi there

I´m back as always when I´m trying to compile. So frustrate
Please, check the screenshots. Why they are so different? I´m using the same settings for compile (I think).
Differences: the left pdf it starts each chapter in the middle of the page, the number page is up, on the right and is like this /MONTECARLO/ 1. The right pdf all chapters starting in the beginning of the page, the number of the page starts down, in the middle and with a huge font, as the “Montecarlo” in the right, up.

The title “Montecarlo-Libro 1” I know why is there.

Please, help.


I just found the “Override text and notes…” button. So, problem fixed.

Yes. To clarify for anyone else reading this thread, the “Override text and notes” box, in the upper left corner of the Compile -> Formatting pane, is a “master switch.” If you don’t check it, nothing else that you set in the Formatting pane will matter.

Along the same lines, the “Compile As-Is” box, in the Compile -> Contents pane, can be seen as a master override: none of your formatting settings will affect a document with that box checked.


Hey thanks for your message

The problem I have now is I cannot change my font when I compile for pdf. A Scrivener message says is not possible because haven´t got the font. However a I have a pdf with that font that Scrivener says don´t support. A simple steps a compile for pdf and is not possible the same font I use to write the manuscript?


The OS X Font Book tool will give you the status of all the fonts installed on your Mac. That’s the place to look to see if the font you want is available.


I tried to change to Optima Medium, but still don´t get that.
Please, see the attachments-

Thank you so much for your help