Compile to PDF - open directly rather than having to save?


When I am compiling to a screenplay, it would be nice if I could essentially “preview” the proper PDF by having scrivener open it straight into my default PDF viewer rather than forcing me to save it somewhere. I believe that this should be possible if the file is generated as a temporary file and then automatically “loaded” which will make windows use the default viewer for that file.

This way I can read and check the PDF and, if I want to keep a copy, I can just save it myself from the reader.

I am aware that I can “preview” the output and although this maintains the basic paragraph formatting it does not have the page layout/breaks so it is not the same as viewing the actual PDF with page numbers etc.

Is this currently possible? I haven’t found any settings that seem to affect this.

Many thanks.

At the moment there is a Print Preview function available from the editor, but not from the compiler. I’ve added this to the list for a possible update, however, since it makes sense that it should be accessible to preview the compile output as well. (It was added more recently than the earlier “Preview” function that’s currently there, which is intended to preview the included content and formatting but doesn’t show page layout, since that is dependent on the compile file format and program used for viewing.) It might also be possible to run a temporary PDF and preview it as you describe, and I’ve included that in the suggestion as well, but even if that cannot be done the Print Preview ability should serve the same purpose and lessen the work of repeated compiling and tweaking.