Compile to pdf: problem with file:// link

Hi there –

I just noticed that after compiling a text to printing/PDF the links to file://xxx (the ones created via edit > add link…) are wrongly linked as http://file://xxx. This happens also when one chooses the No prefix option (then incluing file:// on the field). No problems with the http:// or mailto:.

I’m supposing this is a bug.

– MJ

I can’t reproduce this - also there’s no reason in Scrivener that it should happen as no modification is done to the URLs during compile. I just compiled a PDF, opened it in Preview, and it opened fine. Please include steps to reproduce. Thanks.

Keith –

I just sent a small scrivener file to with a doc including different kinds of links and the pdf that resulted from compile. I hope that will help you to see what’s the problem.

The email subject is: For Keith: compile to pdf: problem with file:// link

– MJ

As I said, this is a text system bug, nothing that Scrivener is doing - copy and paste your text into TextEdit, print to create a PDF, and you’ll see the same thing happens.

Ah. Okay. It’s not really a bug, but more a (systemic) disease, eh? :slight_smile:

– MJ

PS. Using Bean’s Add Link… gives me the same problem. DEVONthink, however, must use a different process, since printing to pdf a file:// link works perfectly.

I don’t know how DT do it, but it seems to be something in the print process. Basically Scrivener just passes the text to a Cocoa print operation as-is - the links don’t get affected. So if the link was messed up in Scrivener itself, it would be a bug, but strangely it’s not. The problem seems to come during the print process that creates the PDF, and yes, that’s a system bug. So a minor bug, yes, but not a Scrivener one specifically.

I rarely use this kind of link to [file://](file://), but now I know what to do if I have to do to go around it. Thanks again.

– MJ