Compile to PDF - Scrivener hangs/crashes

Hello there,

During document compilation to PDF, Scrivener hangs (always at 9%) and after a few minutes… it crashes. This is a new behavior in Beta 4 - I never observed this on Beta 3.


Same for me, 64-bit build. It gets to 87% and then locks up. (Had to kill the process.) I had no issues previously.

Using 64bit version I do not get this hang or crash. However, I am replacing an exising PDF when I compile rather than create a new document. Just created a new PDF and no problems. It did finish at converting PDF at 3% but I just checked it and it has compiled successfully.

I figured it out. If you give the filename an extension, it crashes. If you just enter the name and trust that the correct extension will be set, it’s fine.

Argh. You know what? I tried it both ways–with and without the *.pdf in the filename box, and it compiles just fine. I have no earthly idea how to get it to crash, although I pinky swear that I did get it to hang. (Files were named correctly, regardless, so there doesn’t seem to be anything odd there.)

I also tried both ways - PDF compile with and without the *.pdf extension. The problem still occurs.

Problem occured also when I want to compile to RTF and other formats:
Windows 10 64bit - Scrivener 32 AND 64 bit.

Hi! Since there are so many different settings possible in the new compile setup, would you be willing to send us a project that locks up in this way so we can see what might be causing it? If so, please email it to with the Subject Beta and link to this post.

If you aren’t comfortable with that we can start looking at individual settings with you on here.


I am also running Beta, but can’t get any compile to work at all. After the process gets to 3% it immediately says that it is complete. The document created, however, is blank.

I’m just following the tutorial. When I get to 15% on printing to pdf, it hangs consistently. I can print to rtf fine.