Compile to PDF tops out at 80 pages

Version: (2073405) 64-bit - 06 Jul 2023 on windows 11.

I have tried multiple suggestions to fix this and nothing works. When compiling my manuscript to pdf, the out put caps out at 80 pages–mid chapter section! No matter what format I’ve tried, proof copy, manuscript times, etc it is the same. I’ve checked boxes, unchecked boxes, selected all, reassigned sections types and it pumps out an 80 page pdf EVERY TIME.
It does export the complete document, but if I wanted separate sections I’d have just typed the whole thing in word.
Help , my beta readers are waiting!

I do not have a suggestion for tweaking Scrivener.

But your immediate need is your beta readers expectations I guess. So I recommend you compile to RTF then open in another app, e.g. Word, Pages, etc and then from there export as PDF.

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You don’t say which version of Windows you are using, or the exact version of Scrivener 3. There have been a number of reports of compiling to PDF failing at some point on Widows, but I was under the impression that the latest version had done something to address that. The other possibility is that there is some sort of gremlin or control character at the point in the document that causes the output to terminate.

But I’m with @rms, if it will compile in its entirety to RTF, do that and print to PDF from Word/LibreOffice/Whatever.


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Latest version (yes reinstalling was part of the attempt) Version: (2073405) 64-bit - 06 Jul 2023 on windows 11.
There’s definitely a gremlin in there somewhere.

Try typing from scratch your text from a bit before the compile chokes to a bit after. With any luck, the choke-point is right where that gremlin character is lurking.


This looks like it flushed out the gremlin. Thank you.