Compile to PDF while turning bullet-point text into one paragraph

Dear Experts,

I have the habit of writing my draft in the form of nested bullet points. During compilation, I wanted to re-format it into one fluid paragraph.

I tried using the replacement function in the Compile window, replacing “bullet points and tab spaces” with “nothing”. But the result is not so satisfactory. There are odd indents starting from second line:

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 17.08.43.png

The paragraph indent caused by the original bullet-point formatting seems not easily erasable. See my experiment below within the Editor window as I delete just the bullet point:

Would you know any methods to achieve my goal? Thanks very much!

You could export it to plaintext, but it is possible you might wind up with one blob of text.

Have you tried Search and Replace?

Dear jcarman,
Thank you for your reply. Looks like I have to duplicate the whole draft and manually adjust the indents in the Editor window, before compiling.
Best regards,

Have you checked whether, following your combining the points, it is still marked as having list formatting? Go to the “List” button and see if “None” is ticked.