Compile to PowerPoint (.ppt)

Is there any chance of adding an option to compile to PowerPoint and/or Impress?

Being able to outline thoughts and ideas in Scrivener and then compile to the presentation application would certainly save much time in copy, paste and reformatting.


Have you seen this tip? … 99702.aspx

The best way to get this working with Scrivener is to use clearly unique formatting ranges for your headers in the Formatting compile option pane, then use Word’s format finder tool to quickly apply stylesheet headers to the compiled RTF. That will give you an outlined RTF file in five minutes or so, which can be dropped into PowerPoint.

As for official support—that’s quite unlikely, I’d guess. There isn’t a lot of request for this type of output, and they would be quite difficult to support as well. If it were a core feature, we’d perhaps be more inclined to put lots of time into it—as we did for the .doc/x and .odt formats. Presentation formats would likely be even more difficult to approach, at that.

I’m using Scrivener on the Beyond Bullet Points method I’ve made a template for it, but being able to compile to PPT would be a huge time saver. So there is a +1 on a request for this feature.


PowerPoint isn’t a natural export format for Scrivener, and it would be a huge amount of work implementing .ppt export as we’d have to write our exporters from scratch, so there are definitely no plans for this, sorry.

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It’s been a while since I used Powerpoint (I have a strong preference for Pages), but doesn’t it import Word documents? Hence, couldn’t you export as a Word doc and import that into Powerpoint?