compile to print in Vellum affected Scriv formatting

Out of curiosity, I set up Vellum for a print edition, but did not execute. When I opened the same book in Scriv it, too, had converted to print format. I don’t know how this happened.

I went back to Vellum & set it back to ebook formatting, thinking that might also affect Scriv. I was wrong. Changing Vellum back to ebook formatting did not affect the print format in Scriv. I then went into Compile, selected “default,” in an effort to restore the usual ms display. but did not actually compile. Scriv is now still showing in Print.

How can I revert Scriv to the usual default ms format?


By default, Scrivener remembers the last Compile settings you used.

To save settings without actually Compiling, hold the Option key, which will turn the “Compile” button into a “Save” button.


Thanks, Katherine. Tried this. Didn’t help. Scriv still displays in Print format even tho I set Compile to rtf / manuscript. Held down Option, saw Save. Still no change.

Is there some connection between Scriv and Vellum? Why would changing formats in Vellum affect Scriv? Never had anything like this happen.

What do you mean by “displays in Print format?” Screenshot?

Vellum shouldn’t be opening Scrivener’s project files directly. But if they are, yes, that could change something.


Hi Katherine,

Here’s a screenshot.

I tried quitting & reopening. Still stuck in Print format.


PS Just added a screenshot of another project which shows how the ms looked before turning into “Print” format. HTH

Menu->View->Text Editing-> Hide Page View. ?

I’m not certain what you mean by “print format”, but I think what you mean is Page View. Turn it off.

[attachment=0]Page View.png[/attachment]

drmajorbob and TERIODIN,

Thank you both! Really appreciate your help.

I’ve used Scriv since 2008 & here’s a setting I never knew about! Happy to add to my info.

I wonder why changing settings in Vellum affected Scriv. Or perhaps it didn’t. Still, I have no idea why—untouched by human hands—the view changed. But, thanks to you both, issue now resolved. :smiley:


For the record, I’m 99.99% certain Vellum didn’t turn on Page View. Okay, 99.999%.