Compile to .rtf not working

Hi, I’m a long time Scrivener user and have never run into this issue before. I’m running Scrivener 2.4.1 on a MacBook, OS 10.5.8.

I’ve been trying to compile my novel to .rtf, and it’s not working–the blue and white progress bar just runs forever and nothing happens. I was able to compile to plain text, print, and PDF, but the .rtf format, .doc format, and .docx format won’t compile. This is an all text file. I’ve attempted compiles with a few other of my Scrivener projects and am having the same problem.

Is there anything I should try?

Thanks so much.

~ Joanna

Do you have any figures in the work? The RTF compiler (and subsequently converted word-processor formats) does an additional step of image processing to convert images to the PNG format (as Scrivener supports a greater variety of embedded media than the RTF format itself does). So it could be that one of these graphics is corrupt and halting the conversion—a condition that wouldn’t exist in most of the other formats and option settings.

Thanks for the reply, AmberV.

I don’t have any images in my project—it’s all text.

Okay, we’ll have to gather some information—at your convenience. First, in the General preference pane, enable “Show internal error alerts”. This will enable extra debugging information. If a warning box pops up at any time, send those in with this forum thread URL in the description box so we can tie it together.

Next, go to Finder, and use the Go/Utilities menu command. Double-click the Console icon and then click the “Clear Display” button (it may be just “Clear” depending on OS version). Now try compiling to RTF and let the program halt with the never ending progress bar. While you have that Utilities window open in Finder, double-click on the Activity Monitor icon, too.

At this point, switch over to Console and copy and paste anything that popped up, into a response.

Now verify that Scrivener is still hung up and go to Activity Monitor. Locate Scrivener in the list (you can use the search bar), select it, and then click the “Sample Process” button. This will run for a few seconds and produce a bunch of text. Save that to a file and attach it to your response.

Feel free to switch to e-mail support at this point, if you’re more comfortable with attaching system reports to a private channel. Just make sure to again, reference the URL of this forum thread so that whoever gets your e-mail can know where things stand.

Thanks so much, AmberV, I’ve emailed Scrivener Support with the system reports.

I’ve not yet heard from email support. I’ve attached the system report to this reply. Nothing showed up in the Console; the report is from the “sample process” in the Activity Monitor.

Thanks for your help! Really wanting to get this taken care of!
Sample of Scrivener.txt (11.6 KB)