Compile To rtf produces strange paragraph right indent

I use compile to export sections of my scrivener manuscript for editing on Android. One thing I’ve noticed is that the exported file has paragraphs with a negative right indent, which makes the text extend beyond the right hand margin. It’s noticable in word.

This causes an issue on my android device - the screen goes to the right hand margin, but the text extends beyond the edge of the screen, with no means of scrolling to it. I can fix it easily enough using word, but I’m wondering if there is some compile setting that controls this.

I have tried setting page size to A4 and US letter, and fiddling with margin settings, but nothing seems to work in Scrivener.


It sounds as though you may have set a right-indent. Generally speaking, you don’t need these unless you want to create a block of text that is indented from the right margin. Try removing the right-indent to see if that helps.

If, at the compile stage, the “Override text and notes formatting” option is unchecked, then you are using the ruler settings from your individual documents, so you will need to reset the right-indent marker for each document. To do this, just drag the right-indent marker (an upside-down arrow on the right-hand side of the ruler) all the way to the right, as far as it will go. Text should now flow to the entire window width rather than stopping before it gets to the edge. Try it with a sample document to see what happens – does this improve your compiled output and remove the unwanted margin overspill? If so, you could adjust your default format accordingly, and convert all your documents to the default.

If you have selected “Override text and notes formatting” in your compile options, then check the ruler that you have set up for the compile. In the Formatting pane, select each level in turn, and drag the right-indent in the ruler as far to the right as it will go. Repeat this for every level in the structure and content table. Does this help?

If removing right-indents doesn’t solve the issue, what format are you compiling to, and what are you using on your Android device to open the exported documents?

All the best,