Compile to separate HTML Files

One newer format that some people are using is publishing their novels one chapter at a time, on their website, connected with a table of contents. It would be great if Scrivener could support that by allowing Compiling to HTML to be split into separate files. I imagine it could be implemented by having a special option in the section break dropdown that’s like HTML Page Break or something.

That way the user would have pretty fine grained control over which level of the hierarchy rated a whole new html file.

Alternatively, you might consider creating some kind of export plugin architecture so that people who have special needs can implement their own export functionality like the one described above. Assuming your current export formats are pretty well encapsulated, I bet it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to allow external scripts to be loaded.

I suspect this would be surprisingly complicated, given Scrivener’s flexibility. But I immediately thought of the Scrivener links in a TOC as the natural place for such a function to glean the relevant chapter-break information.

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One thing you could do here is export to ePub, change the .epub extension to “.zip”, then extract the zip file. Or, export to Kindle format and tick the “Save source files” option in the “KindleGen” pane. These e-book exports already break up text into multiple HTML files, as that’s basically what e-book formats are, so you could just take the HTML files they generate.

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I so could have used this trick one time. This is nice to know.