Compile to txt results in card text duplication[BUG LOGGED]

O.K., I checked and I don’t think this has been reported:

I’m using WinXP and I have a single draft folder with 35 cards in it. Each card has a title and a ~10 word synopsis, and 6 of the cards have long sections of text.

When I compile to .txt (so as to double check my total against the NaNo word counter), I got bizarre results.

Under “Elements”:
Checking only the boxes for “titles” and “text” in the “Files” column gives me one number.
Also checking the “synopsis” box gives me over double the word count.

The reason is that, by checking the “synopsis” box, the .txt file Scrivener compiles suddenly contains both the small synopses and a complete duplicate copy of each chapter written (i.e., card with text on it).

I get:

Synopsis: “few word synopsis”
“Long text of chapter written out in main body of the card”
“Long text of chapter written out in main body of the card”
“next title”…

For cards without text on them, only the title and synopsis are listed, w/o any blank lines suggesting it’s trying to duplicate the empty cards as well.

Very depressing setback on my NaNo word count once I figured it out. :frowning:

Yikes, that’s a horrible way to find a bug. Sorry about that.

This is also true for compile to RTF, if you include the synopsis, or synopsis and notes. If you just include Notes with Text, you get card text with notes duplicated.