Compile to Word 97-00

I love the compile function but I notice trying to compile my latest novel, that if I RTF, the page breaks work fine, but if I choose .DOC and open the file on Pages, it doesn’t keep the page breaks.

I don’t know if it is a problem on Pages or Scrivener, but since Lion my Office is not working anymore, so I have no way to check, and honestly use to work fine before between Scrivener and Pages (Before 2.1 and the Pages update)

Any help?



Unfortunately Pages has very poor RTF support and doesn’t support page breaks, images, footnotes and suchlike in RTF. And Scrivener’s DOC export is actually based on RTF. We’d love to provide full-on, proper DOC and DOCX export, but unfortunately we would need to be a much bigger company with more programmers before we could achieve that; in the meantime, we have fantastic RTF support, so please, if you get time, take a moment to ask Apple - who have much greater resources - to provide better RTF support. If we can provide good RTF support, it would only take them a matter of days to create the necessary code:


All the best,