Compile to Word strangeness

I have a project with text I copied & pasted from my blog. I put each post into its own document and arranged them into chapters, then did a compile to .docx format.

When I opened it in Word 2015, I found a weird problem:

(this is what it looks like)

(this shows why)

It appears to add the first scene (a text document at text document level 2) as a table, even though there are no tables in the Scrivener document, nor in the original. None of the other documents are set up this way. There are no selections made in the Tables Options pane in the Compile sheet.

Ideas? Suggestions? Small little bitty thing I missed?

It could be an invisible table in Scrivener (they can sneak in from websites, or maybe even the template you started with; some have an invisible table for the manuscript title page in the novel template). You could tell pretty easily by right-clicking anywhere in this bit of text, and if you see table commands in the contextual menu, try the option to remove the table.

That was it. I’d never heard of such a thing. Thanks!