Compile transfers only part of my draft. Help!

When I hit “Compile”, only the first 100 or so pages of my draft show up in a Microsoft Word (docx) file. Much of the remainder of my draft shows up in a note within the “Review” function of Word, but I can’t get it out of there and the formatting is a mess. What should I try? Thanks!

I am not sure how you achieved that precise result, since Scrivener has no support of Word change tracking, but whenever things seem to not be compiling when they should, there are a few places to check:

  • The Contents compile option pane lists everything scheduled to be compiled. Don’t see your files listed here? Make sure they are indented within the Draft folder.
  • Those “Include” checkboxes in that same pane will also determine whether something compiles, by default. Make sure everything you intend has a checkmark beside it.
  • If that all looks normal, then examine the area of the text where the glitch occurs, in Scrivener. Is there anything strange about this portion of text? If you move the text to another spot in the Draft, just as an experiment, does the point of failure also move? If so, what happens if you disable that item using the “Include” checkbox, does everything else compile normally? If so we can investigate the text of that file further.