Compile - treating text as chapters instead of folders

Hi all, new to Scrivener, not quite sure how to do this:

When I compile, I want each Text document to be a separate chapter, instead of using folders as chapters. Not sure how to accomplish this in the Compile menu.


It depends on how you have your project organized. If you have chapter folders and then one document “in” those chapter folders, simply move those chapter files out of their folders and delete the empty folders.

Choose an appropriate compile preset as a starting point (novel standard manuscript format, for instance) and it should automatically include “CHAPTER X” where X is the number of your chapter, and the title you gave it in the binder. You can manipulate this compile preset as you see fit, which will change it to “Custom” to indicate you’ve modified the settings.

Hope that helps get you started.

It should also be noted that if you started with a project template, there may be instructions for switching over to working with chapter-length files instead of folders with groups of files. You will most likely need to adjust the compile settings so that the “File/File” separator is a page break instead of “#”, or an empty line, as it often will be in the presets.