Compile, trim size

I’ve been compiling my novel as a PDF for reading and am wondering how Scrivener decides the font, size, and how many pages. I get to set the distance from the edge, but that seems to be about it. How does Scrivener decide what size book I’m shooting for? I kind of need to know because I’m designing the cover, and the spine width is governed by the number of pages, which would vary by trim size, font size, typeface, etc. I’ve looked through the options, and can’t seem to find a specific way to predetermine the page size. I would think this would be in the “Page Settings” tab, but no.

Can anybody help me?


Yes, it’s on the Compile -> Page Settings tab.

See the box to “use project page setup?” Uncheck that, then click the Page Setup button to define the page size, margins, etc.

Font and font size are set in the Compile -> Formatting pane.

Both are discussed in more detail in Chapter 24 of the Scrivener manual.


Thanks, Katherine! Reading the manual now!

Forgive me tugging at your sleeve once again, but I don’t find any place to set the font and font size in the Formatting Pane. Nor anywhere else. Closest thing I see is in the Quick Font Override pane, but I don’t want to use that.

I’m obviously doing something wrong.


  1. Select “Override text and notes formatting”.

  2. You’ll see formatting options appear, as marked in red below.

  3. You can apply different formatting to each level of your project.


Thanks! Will look at doing this in the morning…

Hope it works as you need.

Happy writing. And compiling.

Good luck with the book.

OK, found it!

Many thanks!