Compile turns paragraphs of one section into numbered list

See title – not sure why this is happening. I have a document with hundreds of sections and there’s only one that this is happening to. I checked that I haven’t marked the section as a different type than others (tbh the section stuff still kind of confuses me, at any rate it is the same as others), or that I haven’t formatted the text differently. (The font is different in this section, but my understanding is that shouldn’t matter during compile.)

I have tested compiling just this section and it is still happening.

This is a Compile problem as such it may not ever work, sorry.

Most likely this section has rogue list formatting in it, rather than anything to do with compiling (it’s more that once you get the text in another program you can see it). Perhaps it came in from a website or word processor in the past, but it probably doesn’t matter too much, as the solution is almost always the same: select the whole section in the text editor and use the Format ▸ Lists ▸ None command. If that doesn’t let you do it at first, set it to something else first, and then back to none.


That fixed it, thank you so much!! It didn’t even occur to me to check that since it wasn’t displaying as a list in Scrivener.

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Yeah, it’s a bit weird because lists in general are weird across word processors, in that there is no single set standard way to make them. Even between the Mac and Windows versions they are technically done differently (a source of many nightmares). But basically, although you’d rarely ever want to, it is possible to make a list without any visible marker at all in some programs, like the text engine Scrivener for Mac uses, while in others that isn’t considered a sensible outcome so it inserts a basic marker as a fallback—and that’s what you were seeing.

Just to add onto Ioa’s comment, this problem commonly occurs when people “remove” a list by simply deleting the numbers or bullets. That removes the visible marker, but the “this is a list” indicator is still there internally, ready to reappear in any software (like Word) that recognizes it.


That’s a good tip to keep in mind, thank you!