Compile: Use synopsis if there is no text?


I have compiled my manuscript (in progress) to do some reading. Every Level 1 (text) is a chapter. Some chapters have a lot of text and some has only title and synopsis.

When I compile I include text but then I get a lot of empty chapters because there are no text. This is natural of course.

What I want is to include synopsis but only when there is no text available. I cannot find this as a feature so when I include synopsis it gets compiled into every chapter even when I have text there.

Is there a way to include synopsis only when there are no text?
Or an option to copy synopsis as text if there are no text?


Hey Avec.

Nope. Not at the moment.
Assuming you aren’t already using them for something else, you could put duplicates of your synopsis into the notes for each document and then include notes in your compile. Then just delete the copied synopsis from the notes once you have included some text. Not ideal, I know, but it would have the advantage that you can easily turn off their inclusion with a check box on the compile pane.

BTW, the best place to ask these sort of questions is in the Technical Support sub-forum for your respective OS. I say this, not from a position of draconian Internet Police outrage, but merely because the Scrivener Tips section is read by far fewer people.

Given that your desired approach isn’t currently possible, it might also be worth posting it as a request in the Wish List forum.

I’d move it there myself, but for some reason I have not been granted Moderator Superpowers. It’s a blatant act of disrespect from the Company. Yes, I’d misuse said power to edit Jaysen’s posts so it looked like I won the occasional discussion, and Floss’ posts so that it looked like she didn’t hate me quite so much, but I think that’s a small price to pay for inflating my ego.

Agreed. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I will ask the question where you recommends.

I do not want to use notes as a temporary solution. Notes is used for other stuff.

I can almost see the solution :smiley:

if(text.length == 0 and checkbox.useSynopsisWhenTextIsEmpty == true) {
} else {