Compile v1 to v3 has multiple issues, TOC, section format

I wanted to do some simple fixes to a 2019 v1 compile ebook, but after nibbling at it off & on for 3 weeks I can’t get it to compile correctly. 1) How do I choose what appears as the TOC? Sometimes I get just the folders, sometimes my scenes. I have no idea HOW to select it in auto-generated TOC. 2) Currently I am getting the folder names duplicated, but I see that listed as a bug. 3) Once compiled, I find that even though a TOC has folder names (I am using Section titles/sub-headings not simply Chapter 1…2…3) in the ePub in the heading TOC (not the one listed at the beginning) I see all of my scenes listed as well. This is messy & confusing for a reader. Plus I have odd little names for scenes. 4) I tried editing section layouts but what I edited isn’t what is appearing in the example text where you assign section layouts. Ex: I put the Section Title centered followed by the section text, but when they compile, there is no space between the heading the text.

Looks like you haven’t Found the Compile Format Designer yet. Check the Window title.

Double-Click the Format you use in the left column of the Compile Overview.
Copy and rename the Format if you need to.
Update settings in the Section Layout tab. In particular the Title Options.

In an e-book a ToC is generate automatically at the beginning of the book. If you have it on another page, remove that one. You can add a ToC manually with Copy docs as ToC.

If this raises more questions, let us know. :wink:

Thank you.

I have been using the compile format design. I’ve created a format for my brand, but for this book I use subheadings and not chapter numbers, it isn’t working. In the Section Layout everything looks good, but in the WYSIWYG pane back in the middle, The Section Title runs right into the scene text.

And after frustrations with my TOC sometimes being my folder names, sometimes being folders and scenes when autogenerated, I tried doing it manually, but the hyperlinks never worked when compiled. (In fact, I cannot get any hyperlinks to work once compiled), so I deleted my manual TOC and went back to autogenerate TOC where I’ve gotten double names and issue where the scene DON’T appear on TOC but do in the drop-down TOC in an epub.

This is a 2019 epub built on v1. I am updating a cover for reissue with text edits.

I created a new project and pasted the folders from the wonky upgraded project into the new version 3 project and that has eliminated my issue with formatting.

However, I am still flabbergasted by the TOC. Is there any rhyme for how it works ‘under the hood?’

With my new project, my first TOC had all my folder names plus the first scene below. I tweaked the formatting to some End matter pages to add page breaks, then the next TOC only included Front & Back matter and one random chapter. I’ve tried pasting my own TOC but the hyperlinks don’t work once compiled.

How do TOC work???