Compile, v3 Where Do I begin, Having read as many threads as I could find and watched all the videos as well.

Thanks to all in advance,

I am both happy and discouraged that so many have had possibly similar issues.
I have spent 5 days so far trying to get past initial problems, I decided it must be a bug ( or I truly am missing something )
So I went back to the beginning and created a duplicate again from the eBook layout.

Question 1) Is that my first issue should I start from a Dup of PDF layout even if the eBook is the goal?

With the new eBook dup and starting over I got past much of my 5 day wasting issues.
(Still presuming a corrupted file or bug, But I am new enough I can’t blame
the app until I proof its not me, which I gave up on when I created the new DUP)

Currently I am beating my head against the wall with smaller issues, but issues none the less.

Pict 1
The first picture shows the Line spacing (Dark background) as it is established in Scrivener.
The Light background is the Ebook (Apple Books Catalina).
You can see in Scrivener. It has 1 line spacing between.
But the output has 2 before and 1 after.

This is intermittent and only happened a couple times throughout the output, each output attempted.
So I don’t think it is a setting.

Question 2) DUH how do I fix this?

Pict 2 shows Url links in sciv. as left justified.
When really I was shooting for Line 1 indented and the rest of the paragraph left justified so in the example it is actually backwards to what I wanted.
And indent line one is not happening at all in the output, it is all justified left.

I suppose question 3) is should an eBook always justify all lines Left?

Question 4) being… if the Links all appear left justified in the app
why is every line below shoved right and again intermittent and not through out the Doc
only a couple of times, each output attempted?

Pict 3
Has line spacing wrong above and below.
I had found several instances through out the doc where I had to delete carriage returns etc
all the back to the end of the previous line and then hit return a couple times again at which point the out put was fixed.
That process has had no affect on the ones in the pictures. It all feels like bugs to me.
But again I am new to the app so I am stuck believing I am missing something.

Thanks again .