Compile: what am I doing wrong


Trying to compile for the first time in the Windows version. Windows 1.whatever, just bought it a week or so ago. Windows 10, new Surface pro 7. Anyway, not only did the BG colors completely switch to something hideous for no reason from what they opened in based on my actual preference settings, it doesn’t compile the selected files (in the binder…I don’t see any other way to tell it which files to compile?–there’s no dialogue box for compile settings, dividers, etc), but some other folder distant in location within the project.

I guess I will miss my submission deadline today, but I’ll need this for my next submission. Thanks for your help both re getting stable preference settings and compiling the way I want to (it also hung for a very long time on compile each time I tried, and once I had to close the program. Each time I tried to change, say, manuscript settings, it also changed the compile-as field to print). TBH I thought compile was weird in Mac too, where separators always turned to section breaks in Word and I had to go through and manually change that and all the headers as well, which with a poetry MS containing multiple files is quite a pain. However, at least all the right files wound up in the right Word doc.

Oh, and another question, when I launch scrivener it always opens a particular project. Not the more recent one, the one I first opened as a Win project. That’s fine I guess, as I mostly work in that one, but why? It also seems to take a very long time on close to make a backup. It was lightning fast in Mac, even with less RAM and storage.

I recently figured out a “work-around” (for all I know it might be the “proper” way to do this…) and thought I’d share.

In the Binder, select the file(s) you want to compile and right-click and “Add to Collection” – you can associate a single file with multiple Collections. When you have them all assigned to the collection you’re creating, you’re ready to compile.

In the compile window, on the contents tab, there’s a pulldown menu below the “Format As” pulldown menu. Here you can select the collection you created and all the documents you added to that collection should be there in the box below. (You can see in my image that you can also use the results of a search to compile.)

[attachment=0]compile box, with pulldown menu open.PNG[/attachment]

Hope this helps!

Thank you! I’ll try it. One problem is that I’m not seeing an expanded compile options window, just a dialogue asking where I want to put it and in what file format.

Well, now the whole project seems to be empty of content, which was not the case the other day. This is just great.

In the compile window, there should be an arrow beside the pulldown for “Format As”. Click that and “all will be revealed”. :wink:

I don’t have a good answer about the project being blank… Feel free to post more info and I’ll help if I can!


Thank you!

Not sure what else to say about project being blank. Binder is there, with all file names, no content in the files. Just true of one of the projects. Everything else seems to have come across ugly but intact.

I am hoping I will be able to open my nearly dead Mac and reconvert to Scriv 2 for Mac, send to dropbox and then open again…

Note that it was fine before. I had moved the files to a folder from which to compile them, so I could see them before. Now all gone. Everything in the project.

hm, maybe I can find it in backups

nope. one of the questions i’ve had is WHY does Scrivener open with the last project? it means you have to go through the backup process, which is very slow in Windows it seems, with every project that’s open, even if you didn’t choose to open it. so if something gets corrupted when you weren’t looking, bam, it overrides–you can say well there are up to 5 backups, but that’s not the case with something you’ve only opened (on your own) once.

Ah, figured out that it’s an option/preference… fixed that, so at least it opens with no preference for a project.