Compile window not closing after compile

I compiled the tutorial to pdf as instructed and the pdf file did appear, however, the compile window would not close once it was completed. This is the first time I have run into this, so I don’t know if its because I’m in the tutorial or just an occasionl glitch. I didn’t see that anyone else had listed this bug, so let me know if you have dealt with this before. Thanks.

Ah, that would be a glitch. :wink: Thanks for the report. There are still some bugs lurking with PDF compile, but hopefully they’ll get ironed out soon. (Here I go mixing my metaphors again…) Did it in fact create a proper PDF file, or did it just make the attempt and then hang? Sounds like you got it, but most of the time I’ve seen something like this, the PDF doesn’t get produced, so I’m just curious.

I just glanced at the file, but it seemed to produce a proper pdf. I ran this twice and it happened both times. I haven’t done it with my current project, only the tutorial. Thanks for the follow up.