Compile Window "too big" for 13 inch laptop and runs off the screen

I’m using a 13.3 inch laptop with screen resolution 1920x1080 with the recommended 150% scaling.
When I open the compile Window the compile button is not visible, it’s too far down, off the screen.
If I try to resize the window to make it visible and grab the top edge, then the whole compile window runs down, off the screen, until it’s impossible to retrieve it.

I have a similar problem with a Surface Pro 5: 12.3" display, 2736x1824, 200% scaling. On the compile screen, the bottom of the edit format window appears under the taskbar, hiding the save/cancel buttons. I have to auto-hide the taskbar to access the buttons.

Hi folks,

The Scrivener beta has a minimum recommended screen resolution 1080 px at 100% scaling. You’re having this issue because your resolution is too low.

See this thread, the last post is from the developer.


Some suggestions:

@Yvette - if you set your scaling to 125%, you should be fine. (I have same resolution as you on 14" laptop, and Scriv works fine with 125%.)

@chrisdr2 - you may want to experiment with the scaling.

@Both - To manipulate the ‘too big’ window, try using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse and see if that works better:

Resize Window: Alt+spacebar, press S, use arrow keys to fiddle with sizing.
Move Window: Alt+spacebar, press M, use arrow keys to fiddle with location