Compile Window will not resize

When opening the compile window, the user does not have the ability to resize the window or resize any of the columns in the advanced section. (see image)

The problem with this, is that you can’t easily read the different levels in order to choose the right one to edit. It is quite common in Windows to allow modal dialogs to be resized. This is apparently possible in the MAC version, but not in the latest build of Windows. Please fix this!

Just wondering, have you resized the text at the Windows level? Your columns labels and contents look far bigger than mine.

If this is the case and as a workaround, by restoring text to 100% you will have enough space to differentiate all the levels.

Not ideal, but will do the trick.

Yes, I’ve resized text to 125% as I use a high resolution monitor. Resizing back to 100% is not an option, since it affects every other application I use on this machine. (plus resizing fonts requires a reboot)

Which is precisely why good Microsoft programming technique is to make Modal Dialogs and columns resizable. With the preponderance of high resolution monitors, larger font sizes are mandatory. (unless you have the vision of an eagle) With the larger fonts, the ability to resize dialogs gets around spacing issues.

Certainly not a huge bug, but definitely one that should be fixed. (or at least make the default dialog and columns larger) It required quite a bit of sleuthing for me to figure out what level was what.

FWIW, I’m generally very impressed with the depth of programming and lack of bugs I’m finding in general. (I’m a new Scrivener user) And Kudos to the team for excellent help files & tutorials.

For future reference and until this feature is added (or this bug is fixed), it would be helpful to remember that the order is always the same: Folders, Containers and Documents. Within each category, they are sorted (and indented) from the first downwards, and the last one in each category is always the one pertaining to the lower levels as well (those not explicitly defined).

Hope this helps!

It did! Thanks.

I wanted to let you know we have this on the list for improvement, along with other low-level work to make Scrivener’s interface scalable for the high-res future. I’m glad to hear Scrivener’s been working well for you otherwise!

Scrivener is a fine achievement, and I’m outlining my next novel in it, as we speak! I can’t tell you how valuable your copious documentation has been for successful implementation. I’m a longtime programmer and tech consultant, and I’ve never seen such good documentation. Kudos.