Compile with document references

Hi all!

Is there a way to compile a project with document references included?

I want to share the status of my project with someone who does not have Scrivener. And I want to show him the document references, which are mostly external links. Is it possible to automatically insert these links into the compilation?


No, there’s no way to included references I’m afraid.

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Hmm. You could drag the links from the reference panel to the document itself. If you hold down the control key while doing this, it will place an alias in the text–so basically write out the file path rather than copying the actual resource. I’m not clear whether you mean to have just the list of references or actually include the reference resources themselves–if you don’t hold the control key, dragging will give you the option to just insert the referenced material directly into the document text (since this is not necessarily something you’d mean to do, Scrivener will pop up a warning to double-check and give you the option there to create an alias, as well).

A similar option would be to open the same document in a QR window and display the document notes there, then drag from the reference pane to the notes pane that way (instead of into the document text). You could then choose to compile the notes along with your text and have them for your collaborator while still keeping them separate from the body text.

Downside of this is that I think you can only drag references one at a time, so if you have a long list that could get a little cumbersome. Selecting all and dragging (or using “copy”) only copies the first one.