Compile with epigraph for each chapter...?

First off, I’m amazingly impressed with version 1 (!!!) of the iOS app. Wow. So great.

Here is a minor thing I’m trying to figure out…

I’d like to have an epigraph (is that what it’s called? A quote, basically) at the start of each chapter and I’m curious if there is a way to do this by creating a custom YAML appearance… I’d like an epigraph to the right, above the chapter title, but I also want this all on a new page from the previous chapter’s content.

I’ve experimented with putting the epigraph text within a text document before the chapter folder or within the chapter folder itself, and I can’t seem to get too close using either structure.

Not critical – I can manage this stuff on the Mac using outside tools – but thought it would be nice to know if possible from within Scrivener.