Compile With Formatting


I am new to Scrivener, teetering on the edge of registration, and I am trying to find out whether I can carry formatting though to compile.

By this I mean I am interested in the formatting inside a chapter‭ (‬or a section of the same‭) and whether any of that does, or can be made to, carry ‬through to compilation.

The Scrivener docs are RTF so can contain‭ (‬and do maintain‭) ‬formatting i.e.‭ ‬if I bold and centre titles,‭ ‬justify paragraphs,‭ ‬italicise certain words and indent to my personal choice. If‭ ‬ I subsequently close Scrivener and re-open it later‭ (‬even on an entirely different machine‭) ‬that formatting is maintained.

I have tried compile and it produces a courier format RTF document losing my formatting. What I wan to know is whether there is a way to maintain that lovingly created formatting past compilation‭ because it ‬would be insane to just lose those lovely edits.‭ I’ve checked some of the settings and can’t see any obvious way to do this which raises the question (to me) of why bother formatting at all?



Hello there,
Until the professional help comes along, have you clicked on the little blue arrow on the compile menu? When clicking compile a box comes up and there is a small blue arrow on the right - this gives you many compile formatting options. Also on each document take a look at the Compile-as-is tick box in the inspector meta data field. All that you have mentioned is easily achieved. The manual is accessible from within Scriv and details all of this.

It’s also worth pointing out that the “Original” compile preset, selected from the Format As drop-down menu is primarily what you want. It sounds like you’ve heard of one of Scrivener’s main goals: that authors shouldn’t have to worry about formatting. That’s good for many, but some do! So accordingly, the software is quite flexible about all of this. At its most basic, using Original, the only thing it will do is stick some page breaks in at new folders following files, and otherwise just glue everything together into one document, exactly as you see it in the editor; no added titles, no font changes.

The Compile As-Is checkbox, as mentioned above, is designed more for small exceptions to the rule, rather than as some kind of universal decision. It would be very tedious to have to bother with keeping that checked on everything you do. It’s only meant for stuff like the title page where formatting is going to be obviously very different from your standard page of text in the middle of a chapter.

Well, there is that. :slight_smile: Like I say, one of the ideas behind Scrivener is that while you’re writing, you shouldn’t worrying too much about point widths on your indent and all that. You can, but you don’t have to.

I’ll add also that character formatting like bold and italic is not removed even when you otherwise override formatting during compile, so you can use the compile formatting to standardise the font and indentation and such while still keeping your italic text and whatnot. It is possible however to separately alter some of this formatting so that italics are converted to underlines, for instance, or font colours are removed. It sounds like you were using a compile preset that had some of this set up already. Using the “Original” preset as Ioa suggested above will leave all that off, so you’ll get just what you had in the editor.

Thanks for the replies … I may have to go back to the tutorial. With the various options under compile it is quite complicated.