Compile with Multiple Margin and Justification Settings

I have been trying to format in a Compile, but I can’t find how to have multiple settings for margins and justification.

  1. The Title Page is Level 1 Text file. I want the Name & Address to be left-justified, but it is paragraph indented. Also I want the Book Title and By to be centered, and the Word Count to be right-justified. I can’t just left-justify it, because all my other scenes will be left-justified instead of paragraph indented. My compile for my document is set as “Compile As Is” so it picks up that formatting.
    scriv i.jpg

1(a) In order to turn off the synopses, I removed the titles, so I hand-typed “Prologue” and “Epilogue” and centered them. However, they print left-justified and paragraph indented. How can I center them?

1(b) This is what I mean about indented text, where the margins are different for certain sections within a scene:

  1. My Text separator is centered everywhere except for the FIRST appearance, where it is left-justified and paragraph indented. What can I do to fix that?
    scriv j.jpg