Compile with Synopsis and Notes with line break

I just started using Scrivener so please forgive me if I am missing something obvious. I am trying to compile an outline of my project. I want something like…

1.1.1 Title
My synopsis text without any subtitle
My notes text without any subtitle

I cannot figure out how to insert a line break (or anything else including a simple space) between the synopsis text and the notes text. What I get looks something like…

1.1.1 Title
My synopsis text without any subtitleMy notes text without any subtitle

If I turn on the subtitles (which I don’t actually want) I get (using ALLCAPS for the auto generated subtitles)…

1.1.1 Title
My synopsis textNOTES
My notes text

… so not even the subtitles will get me a line break where I would actually want it since the NOTES subtitle is at the end of my synopsis text rather than at the start of a line. I have tried searching the various help files and have only found screen grabs that indicate this should be doable but I just can’t figure out how. I would have expected it to be something as simple as typing a return in the “Modify” window in the Compile -> Formatting area, but I can’t type anything there and can merely make the smashed together text differently formatted (e.g. underling the synopsis text but not the notes text). I have looked at all the other Compile sections such as “Content” and “Separators” and nothing there seems to solve my problem.

Any help would be very much appreciated! As I said, I’ve only just started using Scrivener so I should hopefully have the most recent version but in case not and this proves important I’ve got on a Win 7 laptop.

I’m afraid you’ve hit a bug. :frowning: It’s on the fix-list, but in the meanwhile as a workaround, could you include the subtitles and then use them for a find/replace hook in Word or such after compiling so you can swap them out for carriage returns? That should be a fairly easy search and replace to run in any word processor.

As a workaround, try leaving an extra blank line at the end of the Synopsis text itself.

I’m somewhat relieved I wasn’t just being dumb. Thanks for the workaround suggestions until the bug is fixed. Is there somewhere I can check a list of known bugs and find out when this one gets fixed?

When new updates go out, the change log on the website gets updated; the list, or most of it, is also pushed out with the auto-update, so if you check for updates and get the notification about a new update available, you’ll be able to look through the list of changes before clicking the button to download the update.