Compile with Title and 'Compile as is'

I used Compile as is for a few sections but it cost me some time as I found I had to redo, after searching out all the sections I marked thus, and put a title in manually whereas mostly I was generating the title from the section title on compile.

That is to say on ‘Compile as is’ you of course don’t get a section title which is understandable in hindsight because you have said you want to preserve whatever formatting/layout/font and content etc as is.

I was just wondering though if there’s an option I missed to let compile still add a title in the standard manner on these sections? I really only marked certain sections ‘compile as is’ to stop the compiler running over some courier fonts that I put in for source code listings.

Is it possible? it would keep the document more consistent in not having to specifically add titles if it was :slight_smile:

You’re probably best off using Preserve Formatting to mark the specific sections of your documents that you don’t want the compile formatting to touch. In the editor, select the text and choose Format>Formatting>Preserve Formatting. You can then turn off compile as-is, so that the rest of the document (including the title) is formatted according to the rules you set in the compile formatting, and the text in the “preserve” boxes won’t be affected. If you click the “Options…” button in the formatting tab of compile, you can refine this further by choosing whether Preserve Formatting should preserve everything or let the compile formatting make some adjustments (although in this case with the code you’ll probably want it to leave it preserving everything).

Cheers for that :slight_smile: