Compile word count differs from actual?

Using the or tags is giving incorrect information, and I’m not sure why.

I have a project that is a number of independent stories. Each story is a number of documents inside an enclosing folder. When I compile a story, I select that story’s folder in the Contents pane of the Compile sheet, and “Include” is checked for the folder and all documents.

The compiled output shows a drastically different word count than the actual. For example, one story has 5,900 words and the tag converts to 19,800. Performing a word count in the output document (RTF in this case) confirms the actual word count is 5,900. Using the tag produces similar results, only more detailed.

The Scrivener editor shows the correct word count. If I select the folder in the Binder and am in Scrivenings mode, it shows a word count in the bottom bar of 5,900. And it’s not as simple as the tag is calculating the FULL word count of all the stories, because that would be over 50,000 words. So something more complicated is going on.

Is there some setting that controls those compile tags? Here is my Project Statistics Options sheet:


I would greatly appreciate any insight into this. Thanks!

Hi, I just finished a novel that was meant to be between 30K and 40K. It finished at 35800. Cool. Then I went to compile it and it was same… Highlighted the files and folders and compiled.
then repeated compile after fixed a few things, after highlighting the binder items in one long strip, when realised several, random boxes weren’t ticked in the compile box on the right! I manually ticked them and compiled.
I had the target box pop up and say that I’d hit my 40K target… This is odd, I thought.

THEN, it said 47,069 K … hmmm. hit ctrl A on the compiled word document, checked the word count, and it agreed with that number. So does the word count on the bottom of scrivener and in the MS target!
What happened? Nothing looked different in the binder between those which came up in the compile box as not ticked vs ticked. Help please, for future reference…

By “ticking the compile box” you added more files to your output document. It’s not surprising that doing so would increase your word count.