I have a strcture folder (Binder) in Scrivener as follow:


when I use option “Compile” in the windows “Compile” in the dropdown folder box “Folder” I can select only the folder “APP” with all the subfolder Doc1, Doc2, Doc3, but I don’t see the folder NEMO and its sub-folder and when I compile the document I print only the document in the APP folder.

Why I’m not able to select only the NEMO folder and its documents?

Currently it’s only possible to compile the contents of the Draft folder–in this case, you’ve renamed the Draft to APP but functionally it’s the same. The Draft folder in Scrivener is specially designed for working with text and bringing it through compile; for instance, since the purpose is to output a single textual document, only text documents are allowable in the Draft folder. Images can be embedded in the text, of course, but media files can’t be just imported to the Draft folder as into other folders in Scrivener, since that has no meaning at the compile stage. In reverse, then, other folders in the project can contain various file types that aren’t compileable, and at the moment those folders aren’t available from the compile menu.

This will change partially as the compiler continues to catch up to the Mac versions and you gain the ability to compile collections and the binder selection. You still will only be able to compile text documents, of course, but you’ll be able to include documents outside of the Draft folder.

For now, you’ll just want to move your NEMO folder to be a subfolder of APP, or rename APP to Draft or such and then create a new APP folder under that and move the current contents there, and then move NEMO to be another subfolder of Draft (so that both NEMO and APP are at the same level, both subfolders of the Draft). Either will allow you to compile the contents of NEMO as well as APP.