I’m trying to compile a document so that it includes the section headings. It’s the first time I’ve tried to do this in Scrivener 3, I’d sort of mastered it in 2, though I’ve never found Compile to be intuitive. I’ve looked through the posts and tried to follow the advice and exported it 4 times without managing to get the copy in the format I need it – basically all I need is each section title to appear in the copy when exported. Can you help?

I’ve found a workaround by including the section titles in the copy and then copy and pasting it out into Word. Scrivener is great for composition but Compile has defeated me this time. I can see that some people might want/need that level of control but as someone who uses it primarily as a composition tool and then passes on the final text to a designer, I need a simpler Compile function that keeps the basic formatting and lets me toggle the use chapter/section heading options on or off.

Did you section layouts (the middle pane) to section types (seen in the right pane)? The section layouts for a given compile preset determine what a section type is to look like, including if it is to have a title.

Lit & Lat put together a series of videos on the subject, the first of which is here: … t?os=macOS