Compiled docs can't be opened in Google Docs?

This may have been covered somewhere else, but I can’t find it.
Documents I compile can easily be opened in Word, but I cannot open them in Google Docs. This includes any/all file formats from the Scrivener compile function. This is a bummer, because I’m trying to do away with Word, and the only thing I use it for now is to open a compiled Scrivener file to re-save it so it will then open in Google Docs. Anyone have thoughts or ideas on this?


If that’s all you’re doing with Word, then the free Wordpad program that comes with Windows should work. In Windows 7, try Start —> All Programs —> Accessories —> Wordpad.

If you instead want an full-featured open source replacement for Office, I recommend LibreOffice:

LibreOffice can read and write Office files as well Open Document Foundation format. Both formats are readable by Google Docs. Note, however, that Google Docs’ support for more esoteric sorts of formatting is limited relative to Office or LibreOffice…

Cheers & hope this helps,

Thanks…but this doesn’t really answer my question.

Google Docs can open any word, excel, or ppt type document on my computer, except a Scrivener compiled file (of any format).

Thus am I having to compile to Word (doc format), open in Word, re-save, and then open in Google Docs.

I am not trying to find a replacement for Google Docs; I am trying to figure out why Scrivener compilings cannot be opened in Google Docs, in light of the fact that Google Docs can open any other document.

My main problem is that I’ve had a few hard disk crashes and Microsoft is being difficult about getting my Office copy re-authorized on my laptop (I still have Office on my main desktop), so I am looking to dump Word altogether and switch to Google Docs. Scrivener’s incompatibility with Google Docs is what’s holding that up.

Scrivener uses the RTF format with a .doc wrapper for compatibility with Word, but I don’t believe Google Docs supports RTF. I actually was under the impression that all files needed to be converted to the Google Docs format in order to edit them in Google Docs, but I don’t really upload files frequently so I may have missed an optional setting. At any rate, you should be able to convert RTFs compiled from Scrivener to Google Docs when uploading them, which will then make them editable in Google Docs.

A quick google of “google docs rtf” lead me to this article:
I’d export to RTF and then follow those directions.

Cool…that worked perfectly. Quite simple, actually: export to RTF, right click in Google Docs, open with Docs. Thanks !!