Compiled file does not give me the project name

I have two copies of a duplicate scrivener project.

When I compile one, I get the project name as the file name, say “project-name.pdf” Which is what I want.

When I compile the second one, I get the name of the file on my desktop + the words outline2 - i.e. “filename-outline2.pdf”

I can’t for the life of me figure out what I might have done different.

The settings are the same, the compile metadata is the same. Unfortunately I need the second one complied because it’s got a few minor body text revisions which I need.

I’d really want to solve this mystery, rather than just try and fix the file name after the compile.

The name of the output file is defined by the Compile command: you tell Scrivener what to call the file and where to put it.

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I’m aware of that, sorry, I was talking about the preview file, per the compile instructions for print – to open it in “preview” without saving the file, so you can just see the result of your compile settings

If it’s just a preview file, why do you care what it’s called?

The metadata for the output file is defined in the “tag” tab of the main Compile screen.

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Well, I was curious why it changed, because the “tag” tab of the main compile screen is set correctly, and yet it just ignored it, and it made me wonder if there’s something “off” about this particular compile. It’s a very long project, 56 long documents, so I can’t really do more than a spot check.

The name is not really relevant to the contents. Maybe at some point there was an output document called “filename-outline.”

If you’re concerned about differences between the two projects, one solution would be to Compile both to Word format and use Word’s file comparison tool.